My First Post!

This is my first post...how exciting!  I've always thought I would never do a personal blog, but I should know from my vast 19 years of life-experience that I should never say never! haha.  So a starting update on what's going on in my life right now:
Mikey and I just got back from my Grandmother's in Spartanburg! We had so much fun eating and playing games.  Mikey broke the mold of women in the kitchen and men watching football because he stayed with us females playing tons and tons of board games on our visit!  It was great.  Everybody loved having him around.  And before my Grandmother's, we were with Mikey's family for my first Baur Thanksgiving, which was so much fun with a TON of family and outdoor games and such.  Both experiences were wonderful, and I was inspired by Melissa, my sister-in-law, to make videos along the way, so I'll share a couple of those with you. (Sorry it's so dark! I'll do better on the next ones :D)

It was a wonderful thanksgiving, of course! Because Thanksgiving is the BEST holiday :)  So fun and relaxed and full of good food, and now that we are home, I am trying to talk Mikey into getting our Christmas tree!!  My mom and I will be Christmas shopping some tomorrow, so we'll have to get Christmas lights and ornaments and presents :) I can't wait!  We have this wonderful nook in our little apartment (my reading nook!) where we're going to put the tree, so we can open the windows and everyone who drives by will see our festive tree!!! I'm pumped.  I'll fill everyone in on the pre-Christmas festivities in my next post :)