pUpdate #2!

On Friday, Mikey and I took Berkeley to her second puppy booster-shots appointment, and she did great! The vet said she looks very healthy and very happy, and we were given an A+!  Since her appointment 3 weeks ago, Berkeley has:
- moved up to the large crate we are hoping will fit her still when she is full grown
- gotten much better at sitting and laying down
- learned how to bite more gently (normally) when playing with Oliver and/or people
- greatly improved in house training

And last, but not least, she has gained 11 lbs!  As of Friday, she weighed 27.3 lbs.  To put that in perspective, our other dog, Oliver, weighs 11 lbs total!  Berkeley has gained the weight of our other dog in the past 3 weeks.  Craziness.  The vet says this was a major growth spurt and she shouldn't be growing so much every month...but we'll see!

Our sweet girl :)

A little blurry, but cute, shot of Berkeley and Oliver--they get along so well!

Oliver and Berkeley playing in the yard

To compare with what she looked like 3 weeks ago, visit my last pUpdate here!


mrs. jones

Rabun and I grew up in the same area, but we didn't meet until we lived down the hall from each other freshman year.  We were in the same pi chi group, and since those first few weeks at Clemson, I have watched Rabun grow into an amazingly beautiful person.  I have also gotten to watch her (already-established) relationship with her bf Cameron grow and develop, and let me tell you, they are perfect for each other!  Both, amazing people.  Both, totally unique individuals.  And both, startlingly smart.  I am so proud to have stood beside them as they tied the knot on Sunday!  Ray and Cameron, LOVE YOU!! Hope you're thoroughly enjoying your honeymoon ;)

With the beautiful bride, getting ready for the ceremony :)

The wedding party at the rehearsal dinner

Rabun and Cameron, about to enter the reception after gettin' hitched!!!
(I would add more of the two of them, but there are very few posted yet!)

CONGRATULATIONS, Rabun and Cameron!


thankful on a thursday

There are just some people in life who are special.  Those individuals that touch your heart, challenge your mind, nurture your soul.  I pray that everyone has at least one person they can look up to, one person that they are amazingly thankful to have!  These are a few of the people close to me, and some of the wonderful lessons I have learned from them:

one -> my husband

Mikey has the most wonderful way of caring about people and thinking about situations.  Especially since we've been married (three years next month! woohoo!), he has shown me through his amazing example what it means to love someone unreservedly.  Even on the days where I am being extra difficult, he is full of love and tries to understand where I am coming from.  And when I start to get fearful that I am too much for him to deal with sometimes, he reassures me that his love will never go away...that he loves me as I am...not seeing people (me included!) as good or bad, but everyone as a mix of both.  No bad part of you defines you.  And he has inspired me to look at people with the same grace.

two -> my mom

My mom is the sweetest lady I know.  She can talk to absolutely anyone.  She just cares so obviously for people that they immediately trust her or something.  Not only that, but she is so caring towards her family...especially my dad, my sister, and myself.  Despite being a very successful business woman, she chaperoned tons and tons of our field trips growing up.  She worked part time when we were in middle school, realizing that middle school is one of the most difficult and life-shaping times in a young person's life.  And we just always knew she was there...no matter what, I could, and still can, call on my mom when something good or bad happens, and she will always listen, always give good advice, and always love me.  She has shown me that, although there may be obstacles, you can have a successful, fulfilling career and still be an absolutely amazing mother and wife!

three -> my dad

This lovable man is super smart, and he has shown me the beauty of learning new things and challenging oneself.  He is always learning something new.  I swear he would win jeopardy if he went on the show because he is such a wealth of information about so many things.  He has a three inch book about cod...the fish.  And that is just one example of the hundreds of books he has read, taking up bookshelf after bookshelf in their home!  I cherish so many of the conversations we have had over the years.  Even when I was young, I remember embarking on some pretty deep discussions with my dad, and he has taught me so much through that.  I really respect him, and I am thankful for the love of learning he has thoroughly instilled in me.  I hope to pass that on to my own kids one day.

four -> my ballet teacher, Ms. Shields

Terry Ellen Shields was a professional ballet dancer with some of the top companies.  After a shift in fortunes and the loss of her husband, she became an absolutely fantastic ballet teacher.  I started dancing with her at the age of 8 and continued on with her until I left for college.  She loves God and loves her students so much, and it shows!  Not only does her deep caring drive her students to perform better and better, but she also instills a sense of discipline.  She demands your best, and I am so thankful that she taught me to push myself as hard as I can, to reach for goals that may seem unattainable, and to have fun in the process.  I miss ballet so much, but even more, I miss this beautiful lady! I cherish my memories with her, and I love when I do get the chance to visit with or talk to her...although those opportunities are rare.  She has such a beautiful and strong spirit, and I am better for knowing her.

There are so many more people that have impacted me in some way or another through the years, but these four in particular have shaped me into who I am today! And I am eternally grateful.



Today, Berkeley had her first vet appointment since we got her.  She did such an amazing job!  She didn't cry at all when she got her booster shots done and her claws trimmed.  She was so friendly and sweet with all of the staff.  And she is definitely growing like a weed!  She was about 11 lbs when we got her, so she was a little smaller than our terrier.  After only 2 weeks, she is already 16.6 lbs and bigger than Oliver!  She can hardly fit under our sofa anymore, but she keeps trying to squeeze in :)  

Besides growing massive amounts, she has also:
-learned her name
-started barking (but only when she is playing)
-started wagging her tail--so cute!
-learned how to sit
-improved a lot with house training
-started sleeping through the night (for the most part)

Here are some pictures of her from the past week:

Sleeping happily in her crate :) 
This was about 1 week ago...
It is almost time to move her up to a bigger crate now!

Playing sock with Oliver at my parents' house last week!

Sitting like such a good girl, waiting for her treat.
This was taken today...you can tell how much she has grown!

My baby girl :)


the wild things

Today, the Baurs have been getting attacked by nature!  This morning, I headed to the beach with my friend Chelsie, and after being there for a few hours, I pulled out the PB&J I had packed.  About half way through my first piece, a seagull swooped down, biting my finger, and taking the sandwich right out of my hand!  I actually felt its beak bite my finger!

Then, we went back to my house, where i proceeded to let the pups out in the backyard.  After a bit, Oliver (our terrier) started barking madly at what looked a bit like a bird that had fallen down on the wooden sandbox at the bottom of a play-set in the corner of our backyard.  My friend Chelsie went to investigate, where she saw a huge snake, that was in the process of eating a mouse, which was the only thing visible from the other side of the sandbox.  My dog had been about one foot from this snake, barking his head off at it!  We scooped up the dogs, and ran back inside.  By the time we went out to take a picture and possibly do the snake some harm a couple of minutes later, it was gone.

{i would post a snake picture, but they all freaked me out too much!)

I normally love spending time hanging out with the dogs or reading in the backyard, but I am so freaked out by nature right now, that it may be a few days before I do so again.  I have enlisted my husband to quickly mow and rake the back yard to prevent further slithering friends from joining us.  I just hope these attacks from wildlife don't become a trend!