Is this real life?

My cumulative final for my entire first year of medical school is next week, and what have I been doing this week? A beach day and a water-filled adventure day...

Can this be real?!

Due to the set-up of our curriculum, I've only been able to do a tiny bit of studying this week, and until we do presentations to other members of our class on Friday, I plan to rest, relax, and catch some rays :)  I am loving this!!!

Celebrating our friend Jason's Bday at Bowen's Island Restaurant

Beach day with friends from school!

Oliver hanging out on the shore with me!

Mikey and Berkeley swimming the afternoon away

Our friend (and Mikey's cousin) defying death! ha

Oliver is the cutest swimmer!

Mikey playing catch with some friends.  Berkle Bean is his back-up :)

Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful time of year!!!!
Happy May!