Wedding Bells

Last week, most of my waking seconds were taken up by planning for and celebrating one of my best friends, Rachel's, flash wedding! Rachel had already been engaged to her awesome fiancĂ© Cory for 5 months, but because of various reasons, the wedding planning was not progressing, and the happy couple was ready to get hitched!  So on Tuesday night, after a Christian rap concert hosted by our church, a group of friends, including Rachel and Cory, headed to Applebee's, and the unforeseen outcome of this gathering was that Rachel and Cory decided to go ahead and plan the wedding for that coming Saturday!!! Madness.

That night, another friend, Chelsie, and I stayed up with Rachel until almost 4 am to start the planning.  The next few days were filled with so many incredible blessings, as friends and family joined together to make Rachel and Cory's flash wedding a beautiful reality.  On Saturday, they tied the knot, and the lovely couple headed to Asheville for a few days to celebrate their newlywed state.

The wedding came together so quickly and so beautifully thanks to the efforts of a group of people who absolutely love Rachel and Cory.  Many people at the wedding said that it seemed like it had been planned for months!  It was such a joy to be able to bless Rachel and Cory in this way :)  Here are some pictures from their festivities:

At Applebee's after making the decision to GET HITCHED on Saturday!

Chick-fil-A breakfast the next morning for more planning...
They are so adorable!!

Chelsie and I goofing off while Rachel tries on dresses

She found the dress!!!!

Rachel and her girls...friends, sisters, and mom :)

The three amigos :)

Cory praying over their wedding and their marriage before the ceremony...
Don't worry...they didn't get to see each other yet!

Mr. and Mrs. Burchard!!!!!!!!!

Me with my honey at the reception!!!
(I couldn't resist adding this one...ha)