"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; and small minds discuss people"
-Eleanor Roosevelt

I loved this quote...and strive to live by its philosophy!
Inspired by the life, work, and words of Eleanor Roosevelt.


Love is in the air

For the past two weekends, I have been joining Mikey and his family in celebrating the love of two sets of grandparents. Mikey's grandpap got married last weekend to a very sweet, lovely lady.  The wedding was a small family affair, and it was very lovely!  I was so happy to get to participate in their happy day!

And Mikey's other set of grandparents had their 50th wedding anniversary this weekend.  50 years.  That is just amazing.  And wonderful.  We had a great time last night celebrating their love for one another and the lives that they have brought into the world...5 kids and 16 grandchildren!  And I am especially grateful for their oldest grandchild...my amazing husband!

They love hearing the family sing together...(there are so many talented vocalists and musicians in this family!), so Mikey, his mom and sister, and his aunt and two cousins did a few songs.

Mikey with his littlest bro (middle) and one of his cousins, being goofy at the end of the night! :)

I just wanted to do this quick post to congratulate the two happy couples!!!
Love is in the air :)