3 Months Old!

It's here. Evelyn is officially 3 months old. I do not know how this happened...time must have sped up over the past month. Maybe the earth is spinning faster. But however it has come about, it's here. My baby is growing up!

Evelyn's Stats:
-Eating 5 oz 5x/day
-Sleeps 11 hours a night!
-Weighs over 12 lbs!
-Not a fan of tummy time
-BIG fan of sleep
-Loves to listen to her Daddy beat box
-Loves watching fans and lights
-Getting more and more smiley every day :)

This month, we have had a lot of fun together! Including...


Road trip to Orlando / Harry Potter World!

Evelyn's first butter beer :) JK!

And so many other sweet moments. I am so blessed to have my beautiful family! Love you, Evelyn Grace! You are such a precious gift!


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Anonymous said...

Love that baby and her cute parents too. - Signed by her doting Grampa!