FIVE months old!

I am dumbfounded. How is my little baby girl five months old?! It does not seem possible. But, alas, it is. And she is awesome, let me assure you.

In the past two months she has grown in so many ways!

#1 - She is 95th percentile for Length! She definitely takes after her Daddy in that, not my little 5'2" self. I bet she'll be taller than me in middle school. And Mikey will have to console her about the difficulty of finding pants long enough for her tall, skinny self. He's the pro at that.

#2 - She doubled her birth weight at 4 months! I don't even know how much she weighs now, at 5 months, but she is growing great! I love her little baby chub. She was almost exactly 50th percentile for weight at her last check-up.

#3 - She is laughing and smiling and being generally happy and wonderful. She loves when her Daddy beatboxes or throws her in the air. She always has a laugh or chuckle for her Aunt Nina and Uncle Luke. And she continues to love spending time with her grandparents!

#4 - She is rolling over! Almost exactly at 4 months old, she rolled front-to-back for the first time. Now, she is doing it every day! She's still working on getting over that arm on the back-to-front roll. And then she'll be rolling all over the place before I know it! She also loves to stand up, so who knows when she'll start sitting up straight and pulling up to stand! I'm not ready for this...

#5 - She is teething! Poor baby has had a few minor fevers and general fussiness related to her sore little gums. And she. is. drooling. But she is still so sweet and happy most of the time! Maybe the worst is yet to come, but teething has been a lot easier than I thought it might be. I just have to watch out because she is putting everything she can grab into her mouth!

We are so proud of our beautiful little girl. She is smart, sweet, strong, and so lovely. I am so blessed to be her Mommy and to raise her alongside the best husband and father I could even imagine!

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